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At Aquatoads we run a Creche program where the children come in groups and receive a group lesson of 25 minutes. There are four to five children per group. We have a bus service that collects the children from school and takes them back again.

The children make great progress in these group classes, as they are motivated by their peers and the age old theory of 'monkey see, monkey do' comes into play.

There are always two instructors in the pool and each instructor handles four to five children. We also have two additional assistants who help to supervise the children at all times.

This is a great option for the working parent that would like their child to enjoy the gift of swimming but simply does not have the time to take them to classes.

Our classes run with the school terms and each child receives a progress report at the end of each term. This keeps you, as parent, up to date with your childs' progress, but also motivates your child to give his/her best.

We cater to the following Creches:         Skilpadland Creche

                                                               Kids College

                                                               Bambino Creche

                                                               Clever Cats

                                                               Uitsig Creche

                                                               Ladybugs Daycare

                                                               Hapidays Daycare

                                                               Tiny Adventures

                                                               Angie's Daycare

For any further information please feel free to contact us. 

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